Types of knitted fabrics, basic characteristics and usage.


Single Jersey Knitted Fabric

Single Jersey knit fabrics can be 100% cotton or blended with other fibers such as elastane (spandex).  100% cotton jersey is commonly used in t-shirt type of applications as it has a sturdy hand and wear with a minimal stretch.  Cotton jersey blend knit fabrics with polyester or rayon are very popular knits as they provide a more fluid drape and added stretch, making them suitable for a wider range of uses like tops, dresses, and more!

Interlock Knitted Fabric

Interlock fabric is a variation of rib knit construction. Similar to a jersey knit except both front and back of the fabric look identical. Double knit read more » construction makes this a thicker knit fabric. Interlock is the tightest knit, gives the smoothest surface and the finest hand. The fabric is extremely soft, firm and absorbent. Ideal for high-end tee shirts, tanks, camisoles, bridal wear, receiving blankets, babies' layette items, adult and children's dresses. Interlock knit is usually 100% cotton.

Ribbed Knit Fabric

Cotton Ribbed knits have wales or vertical rows of stitches that form ribs on both the face and the back of the fabric making both sides appear the same.  Ribbed knit are usually 100% cotton, but can also come with spandex and other fiber blends, and have a natural stretch that make them very useful for cuffs, bands, and necklines.  Rib knits are also popular for use in infant wear and tops and dresses such as turtlenecks, sweaters, leggings, dresses, t-shirts, etc..

Fleece Knitted Fabric

Fleece fabric is one of the most versatile and dynamic materials available for making clothing, blankets, jackets, and other accessories. Those who live in cold, or damp climates can appreciate the warmth that fleece brings to the table. 2-thread fleece used in newborns, children's and adult clothing, underwear. 3-thread fleece is ideal for sports suits, hoodies, for children and adults. Fleece knit fabrics can be 100% cotton or blended with other fibers such as elastane (spandex), polyester .  

Piquet Knitted Fabric

Piquet fabric characterized by distinctive raised ribbing, this textured fabric is breathable and durable and generally used for athletic wear. Suggested uses: Polo shirts, blouses, tennis skirts, vests, summer dresses, children's clothes.

Cotton Plush Velour Fabric

Cotton knit velour is a soft, velvety fabric with a knit backing, this quality velour comes in lovely colors. The plush is all cotton, the backing has polyester for strength and stability. Velour is wonderful for dolls with a soft cuddle body, clothing, or anything where you want a plush, velvet finish with a slight stretch that is machine washable and dryable. All cotton plush with a polyester blend knit backing for stability. 80% cotton, 20% polyester or 80% cotton, 20% elastane.