About Us

About Us

Almira Company (Almira Tekstil) is a Turkish manufacturer and wholesale supplier of knitted fabrics; Having a widespread network around the world.


We offer high-quality printed and dyed fabrics at very affordable prices for the production of women's, men's and children's clothing.


Our main workingprinciple is individually approaching to each client; We do not just sell knit fabric, we help to find the best options in each case. In the process of producing products, experienced designers constantly follow all the novelties of modern fashion. With our knitted fabric, we want to give each of our partners high-quality materials that meet the international standard, to produce competitive products to whole world and the opportunity to be unique and unforgotten.


Thanks to the presence of our own production facilities and the technological processes of our factory we easily observe and carefully control over all production steps, which makes it possible to guarantee a high level of production quality. We carefully monitor such important indicators such as:


-quality of raw materials and the process of its production.

-quality of knitted fabric production.


We use ecologically clean raw materials in the production of knitted fabrics which do not cause allergies and is harmless to the human body. Our production uses raw materials only from proven and well-known manufacturers that have extensive experience and good references.


Knitted fabric is a very convenient and practical material. Daily clothes such as dress, tunic, T-shirt, jumper, leggings, skirt, breeches, trousers and sportswear could be made from it. In addition, such clothes sit perfectly on the figure, and almost does not crumple. It is very easy to create a bright and unique image from this material. For these wonderful properties knitted fabric has long acquired a nationwide love.


We are ready for successful mutually beneficial cooperation and we will be glad to have new partners.